So, you had an event planned for a date between March and the end of the year. Did you hold it virtually, or cancel it? Maybe it was the kind of event that lends itself to an outdoor drive-in venue and you’re thinking of following the lead of schools who have held graduation ceremonies this way and you’re working on a plan.

There’s always the option of postponing the event, but until when? With cases of Covid-19 spiking again in several states, there’s no guarantee that if you pick a date several months out, that it will be safe to hold an in-person event even then.

Our company is currently working on turning a 500-person annual indoor dinner and awards celebration into a fun, drive-in event. While the event will be shorter in duration, we will continue to build in creative and unexpected elements. At the same time, we have to plan for the contingencies that don’t come into play at an indoor venue.

We are thankful for our vendors who have the expertise to handle outdoor and digital events. If you are thinking of having a digital event, explore your options. I do believe that digital events will be the way to go for the foreseeable future and I don’t think they will go away even when it is safe to get together again. There is nothing like an in-person event to build relationships and your brand, but done the right way, digital events can achieve the same goals.

The key is to stay in touch with your clients and customers. You may not have the budget to put together a huge event with speakers or performers being captured from various angles on video, but you can learn from others and begin. Now is the time to get started. You can reach out in a personal way with a digital event and bring people together online. Networking and delivering value are more important than ever now.

Be nimble and willing to change direction quickly. Embrace creativity and technology. Consider adding a digital event to your marketing strategy – more and more companies are making the transition and you can, too – just don’t wait too long.