Nora O’Connor

As the fall semester of her senior year comes to a close, we asked our intern Nora O’Connor some questions. She’s been a huge asset to Maureen Sullivan Media, jumping in and learning how to craft an effective media release, and writing releases for one of our clients. She was also a rockstar at an event for another client. We are going to miss her, but we know she has a bright future ahead of her. If you are hiring, let us know and we’ll connect you with Nora.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire during my early childhood years. I love New Hampshire and always try to go up and visit my childhood best friends every summer. In 2011, my brother, dad, and I moved to North Adams, Massachusetts, to be closer to most of our family in Massachusetts. Moving from New Hampshire to North Adams was a hard adjustment for a middle schooler but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Growing up in two culturally different towns broadened my perspective on many different lifestyles.

When did you realize you wanted to study marketing and communications?

I’ve always loved communicating with others, and I consider myself a sociable individual in both my home and school communities. I feel like building relationships with people is very crucial in life. This career provides an opportunity for meaningful personal connections while also contributing to the promotion of the companies I will eventually be working with.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to become a seasoned and influential PR professional. I want to create meaningful connections between organizations and their audiences. The goal I’m actively trying to pursue is working either in Boston or New York City with Edelman.

What is the biggest item on your bucket list?

The biggest item on my bucket list is to successfully graduate and secure an entry-level position in my chosen field, where I can apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout my academic and internship journey. Additionally, I am looking forward to the challenge of living on my own by the end of the summer, as this marks a significant step toward personal independence and growth. My biggest benchmark is to have a well-rounded and fulfilling transition into the next chapter of my life.

Where do you like to travel?

In the spring of 2023, I had a wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Florence for a semester. My roommate and I got the opportunity to travel to several lovely towns in Italy, including Milan, Rome, Positano, Sorrento, Pisa, Naples, Pompeii, Venice, and the Cinque Terre.

Italy is my all-time favorite travel location, even though I’ve had the opportunity to visit other amazing countries like Ireland, England, Greece, Croatia, and Spain. Italy will always hold a special place in my heart because of the variety of experiences, delicious food, and friendly people.

Where do you get your creative ideas?

My creative ideas are inspired by various life experiences, experiences with many cultures, and my passion for current trends in the industry. I draw inspiration from other people, daily interactions, and keeping a sense of curiosity for everything around me.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

In my life, my dad is without a doubt the most influential individual. The person I am today is a direct result of his constant support, wise counsel, and the profound influence of his life lessons. His honesty, friendliness, and strength are an ongoing source of motivation for me, and they push me to strive for similar traits in my own life.

What is the best thing about WSU?

My favorite thing about Westfield State University is the warm and diverse community. During my experience at WSU, I have had so much support from my advisor, Professor Maddy Cahill, the Career Center, the International Studies Department, and the encouraging friends I have made. The opportunities I have had here are invaluable. The university has provided me with a comfortable and supportive environment that has significantly helped my intellectual and personal development.

What do you say all the time?

My brother and I used to tell my dad this when we had trouble finding a parking spot, and I often find myself still saying it. “If you believe you can accomplish anything,” this phrase helps me approach obstacles with a positive attitude, focusing on the lessons and growth in every situation.

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “It always seems impossible until it is done,” by Nelson Mandela. This statement represents the essence of resilience and determination.  Mandela’s remarks are a source of motivation for me, whether I’m overcoming obstacles in my academic career, reaching personal growth goals, or pursuing professional goals.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Something people would be surprised to know about me is that I love sightseeing. Whether it involves a light stroll, a challenging hike, or a road trip, I’m always up for a stunning view. Having spent most of my life in North Adams, among so many mountains, I’ve found a new appreciation for the scenery that surrounds me. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the Grand Canyon and various national parks. There’s something about natural sites and views that resonates with me, making them one of my favorite aspects of traveling.

How do you like to start your day?

I like having a cup of coffee and some alone time in the morning. It helps me to organize all my thoughts, make a daily to-do list, and approach work attentively.

What skills and talents do you bring to your internship with Maureen Sullivan Media?

In my internship with Maureen Sullivan Media, I bring strong written and oral communication skills and a passion for building meaningful connections. My ability to adapt to my knowledge of current marketing and communication trends allows me to be a helpful asset.

What do you hope to learn?

In this internship, I want to learn more about the finer points of media relations, strengthen my strategic communication skills, and obtain hands-on experience handling marketing campaigns. I also want to get better at managing projects and learn more about how good communication can lead to successful organizations.

When do you graduate?

As of now, I am on track to complete my undergraduate studies and graduate in May 2024. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations. Throughout my academic career, I have maintained a GPA of 3.4

What are you going to do right after graduation?

As of right now, my goal after graduation is to take my first steps into my career and either work in the greater Boston area or abroad. My number one goal is to have the ability to live my life while doing something I enjoy. As my senior year comes to an end, I am hoping to land an entry-level job in the Public Relations or Marketing field.